Olesya Dzhuraeva - Marking Time

Discover a selection of works by Olesya Dzhuraeva HERE.

Can you remember something memorable from last week?  More often than not, I know I can't.  Yet all of us try to find ways to bring meaning to each and every day.  At Mesh we pride ourselves of representing artists who leave traces of beauty for each of us to discover.

So, while Olesya Dzhuraeva, who started showing her work with Mesh in September will certainly not remember each day of the fall of 2018, she will surely consider these memorable times long into the future.  While our collaboration with Olesya is certainly a big deal, we feel particularly proud to admire, from afar, the show that opened in her hometown of Kiev on October 23rd: "Reflections - Solo Exhibition of Olesya Dzhuraeva (Reflection: персональна виставка Олесі Джураєвої).

If you are so inclined take a look HERE at the photos that were taken during the first hours after the unveiling.

The artist was also featured in a long, well documented and very well illustrated article by Top Printmaking, which launched earlier this year.  You can read that article HERE.  We consider it essential reading for anyone interested in Dzhuraeva's work or it is documenting the process of relief printmaking with a few interesting photographs.

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