John W. Cline

@JohnWCline instagram: 03.06.2019
We at Mesh are often in awe of artist John W. Cline’s dedication to his craft. Cline draws and creates every day, often in his “intense drawing sessions” that explore conceptual spaces.  
@JohnWCline instagram: 11.18.2017
An architect by training, John’s drawings, although seemingly abstract, have structure and planning. 
@JohnWCline instagram: 03.01.2019
With combinations of pen and pencil, with the occasional watercolor, Cline artwork stretches the imagination. 
@JohnWCline Instagram: 11.11.2018
His tireless repetitive strokes create undulating drawings that come alive on the sheet of paper. They often almost appear to be moving. 
@JohnWCline Instagram: 12.23.2018
Cline creates limitless planes and perspectives that afford the viewer their own interpretation of his complex structures. 
@JohnWCline instagram: 11.08.2018
 Each drawing, whether painstakingly created over many days or sketched in mere minutes, allow John to test and explore ideas for future artworks.  
Left: Untitled 65, 2017 | Watercolor and pencil on wove paper | 16 x 12 inches | $250   Right: Untitled 138, 2017 | Ink on wove paper | 22 x 30 ¼ inches | $1,400
His finished works combined many aspects of his daily drawing exercises such as his artistic building blocks.

Artistic creation is truly a never-ending process for Cline, one we are excited to continue to see through his eye-catching detailed artwork. You can go to John W. Cline’s artist page on Mesh’s website to see more of his work.  
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