About Us

Mesh is passionately committed to bringing beautiful works of art on paper, created by independent artists, to individuals who wish to live rich artistic experiences.  We believe that surrounding oneself with art leads to happier lives.  We strive to make buying art a welcoming experience, affordable to all.

Mesh and Artists

Being an artist is a lonely pursuit.  That realization came to me in late 1998.  On my first business trip to France, my boss and I were standing in an artist’s studio discussing a collaboration.  Our priority at the time was to secure direct access to a number of artist’s work.

As we stepped into artists’ crammed studios I became acutely aware of the sacrifices they were making to live from their passion.  Away from the bustle of our busy lives, they toiled quietly and with dedicated fervor, in a daily attempt at making beauty.  They evoked in me images of medieval monks illuminating manuscripts.  And yet, most of these artists’ ability to create unencumbered were almost completely dependent on the willingness, ability and vigor of art dealers and galleries.

Then came the internet; and with it the promise of self-promotion.  Sadly it hasn’t worked out that way.  For individual artists to promote their own work successfully in the crowded artistic landscape of today is exceedingly difficult.  Very few succeed long-term.  What has changed is the number of galleries that represent independent artists, those very artists I admired some twenty years ago.  There are just as many, possibly even more phenomenal creative talents today, but the businesses providing them with steady representations has dropped vertiginously.

Mesh was created to promote the work of just such artists, talented creative minds willing to push art to perfection.  Mesh takes on all logistics of bringing art to market, leaving artists to focus on their passion.  We also believe in artistic independence, and leave artists free to work as much or as little with Mesh as they wish.  We simply attempt to broaden the number of people who get to know, appreciate and acquire their work.

Mesh and Buyers

The 21st century is loud and busy.  Our cities are bustling.  Our email inboxes are teaming with solicitations.  Images flash on our screens so brightly that we have become nearly immune to visual stimulation. At Mesh we believe that this need not be so. We also believe that works of art can still bring joy and peace, can intelligently challenge us, can open our minds, and can emotionally engage with us in a unique way.

As you may have noticed we keep our site simple; nothing flashes, and the number of works we present in any given section is limited. We believe strongly that a curated environment is more conducive to a restful mind focusing on just the right work of art.  On a monthly basis we present the work of one artist, alongside one curated topic.  While you can always look through the work of individual artists, and past exhibition topics, these two simple temporary focal points are our main mission at any given time.  You will not always find exactly what you want to buy now, but if you come back to the site in future, we’d venture to say you will.

We are committed to making art buying non-intimidating, affordable, easy and happy.  We’re not just a website: we are people, showing art by people, which we sell to… you guessed it… people.  That’s you!  While you should feel free to click and buy and feel confident that the art is “on the way”, if you have any questions, you should not hesitate to contact us.  You see something that’s sold that you like?  Contact us.  You want to see a larger image?  Contact us.  You’re unsure about where to ship something?  Contact us.  Anything at all: we’re here for you.

Bernard Derroitte, owner

Contact information:

Mesh Art Gallery, 1200 West 35th Street, #286 - Chicago, IL  60609-1305
Email: info@meshartgallery.com
Phone: 773-887-6776