Twelve Monarchs & a Viceroy


Color linocut reduction with embossing.
Edition of 37.
Signed, titled, and numbered. 

About this print, the artist writes: In the 1980s, upwards of 4.5 million western monarchs overwintered in forested groves along the Central California coast. This spring, less than 30,000 of these iconic butterflies are left to lay their eggs on milkweed and drink nectar from flowers, fanning out across the West as far north as Idaho and east as Utah. Less than 1% of these precious and most-beloved of butterflies remain to us. I grow my own 3 dozen milkweed plants outside the studio doors. One block was used for the butterflies, one for the milkweed flowers, both reduced. A third block created the embossed butterflies, symbolizing the plight of our disappearing Monarch Butterflies.

11 x 11 1/2 inches