The Incomparable Valley


Color linocut reduction.
Edition of 29.
Signed, titled, and numbered. 

About this print, the artist writes: Most visitors to Yosemite wind up at Tunnel View, the scenic vantage point for the long view of Yosemite Valley looking from west to east. And why not? No matter how many times I've entered from this point, awe grips me each and every time. The scale and grandeur of this World Heritage site cannot be set aside because of mere familiarity. And if you think you've seen it, come back in an hour or five, or ten; it transforms and morphs its bold, rugged details newly every 30 minutes. Add the waterfalls, and clouds and seasons ... Tunnel View is an endless parade of breathtaking beauty and an integral part of John Muir's 'Incomparable Yosemite' which inspired the title. 

10 1/2 x 24 inches