Shooting Star - Dodecatheon Meadia

Hand colored etching on wove paper.
Edition of 20.
Signed, titled and numbered in pencil.

NOTE: The first image you see on this page is a detail of a larger work. To see the overall composition, please scroll to the other image(s).

Bobbi Angell is the queen of botanical detail. As a trained horticultural illustrator, Bobbi’s copper etchings capture the precise lines of each flower, leaf and bud that she depicts. Sometimes, she goes a step further and hand-colors one part of the etching, bringing it to life before our very eyes. In “Shooting Star - Dodecatheon meadia”, Angell colors the “star” of the show, the beautiful flower. By meticulously painting this part of the print, the viewer can easily parse out the anatomy of the flower, as well as appreciate the delicate shading and etching technique that Angell has mastered.

13 x 8 inches