Gothic Peak


Color woodcut printed on wove paper.
Edition of 9.
Signed, titled, dated and numbered in pencil.

NOTE: The first image you see on this page is a detail of a larger work. To see the overall composition, please scroll to the other image(s).

Nikki Barber is in love with places. Whether it is her home state of Washington or Thailand, Barber effuses enthusiasm for the locations she is depicting in her work. This woodcut print of Gothic Peak focuses on a specific view of this famous spot of natural beauty. The artist shows her appreciation for every inch of Gothic Peak by shining a spotlight on a detail that might get looked over in other depictions of the work. As we look closer still, we can see that she used the grain of the matrix’s wood to create the rocks on the side of this mountain face. This sort of attention to detail and mastery of her medium brings the landscape to life and reflects Barber’s passion for place and artistic practice.

11 5/8 x 9 inches