Aquatint and sugarlift aquatint on wove paper.
Edition of 50.
Signed, titled, dated and numbered in pencil.

NOTE: The first image you see on this page is a detail of a larger work. To see the overall composition, please scroll to the other image(s).

Bozon’s work from a distance appears abstract, with large swaths of color without realistic imagery. They are emotive, since their colors are strong and they interact with one another in bold fashion. In Cariñoso, the green area we are focusing on has volume that most of the other colors lack. From the expert shading around the edges, the green area seems to be three dimensional, as if you could simply pluck it off the page, away from the other, flatter colors. The blue edges that form a sort of border around the green section electrifies the green, highlighting the vibrancy of the color rather than acting as a compliment to the shading. All this to say that even on a microscopic level, Christian Bozon is a wizard with color and composition that continues to draw us in. 

5 1/8 x 8 1/2 inches