Sun and Snow

Evocative is what they are.  We associate them with positive and negative experiences, as if somehow the cold and warmth associated with snow and sun could dictate our well-being.  I am most efficient in winter, I think.  Am I?  And when the sun shines it's summer... or is it?  Whether we are cold weather characters or simply wish we could roast ourselves to a crisp on a beach, these extremes of climate seemingly affect us in as many ways as their are people walking our earth.  So at Mesh decided to let a few of our artists tell you what the white of snow looks like to them, or just how red a hot sun can shine on their retina.  Maybe you'll find one mood that captures your perfect imaginary climate.  If you do, buy it!
William Hays - Sunshine Snowfall - color linocut - 2018

Sunshine Snowfall

HAYS, William H.

Color linocut reduction printed in five colors on wove paper.Edition of 100.Signed, titled and numbered in pencil.

Nikki Barber - Portland, OR - etching - 2018

Portland, OR


Etching on wove paper. Edition of 6.Signed, dated and numbered in pencil.   

Grietje Postma - 2015-III - color woodcut reduction


POSTMA, Grietje

Color reduction woodcut printed on wove paper. Edition of 26 artist's proofs.Signed, titled, numbered and annotated in pencil.

Nikki Barber - Mt. Baker (ap) - woodcut and monotype - 2018

Mt. Baker


Color woodcut & monotype on wove paper. Unique.Signed, dated and numbered in pencil.   

Jukka Vanttinen - Lost Day - mezzotint Sold
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Lost day


Dagslut (original Swedish title) Mezzotint printed in bluish-black ink on wove paper, 2015.Edition of 60.Signed, titled in English, dated and numbe...

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Ice Tree, Foggy Sun

Ice Tree, Foggy Sun


Archival pigment print on wove paper, mounted on archival mat board.Printed and matted by the artist.This one print #4.Signed in pencil on the moun...

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Moonlight Lead Sold
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Moonlight Lead

HAYS, William H.

Color linocut reduction, printed in 8 colors on wove paper.Edition of 100.Signed, titled and numbered in pencil.