Field’s Edge


Color linocut printed from multiple blocks on BFK Rives wove paper.
Printed to the sheet’s edge.
Edition of 29 variants. While paper, ink colors, and the blocks used are consistent, the emphasis of various layers varies and yielded 29 differing impressions, no two completely alike.
Signed, titled, and numbered in red pencil.

Comment from the artist: Teasals, fennel, and wild oats now grow throughout the California landscape, indeed the country. These unintended migrants from the Old World are here to stay, so we are lucky that they are easy on the eyes.
The print evokes childhood memories of being eye level with the fields lining the undeveloped country roads on my long morning walk to school. There was a deep sense of mystery as the sharp nearest edge slowly faded to the chaos of the wild in my imagination as a child.

11 3/4 x 24 inches