In the rarified field of botanical artists Bobbi Angell’s work stands out in a number of ways.  Her drawings generally do not use color as a primary component.  While some hand colored additions do appear in her work, Angell is exceptionally skilled at distilling the essence of her subject into line and stipple, which are fine and elegant.  The white paper, both within and surrounding the composition, forms an integral and balanced part of her images.  And while most botanical artists draw for illustrational purposes only, Angell is also an accomplished fine art etcher.  Small editions, generally of 30, are printed with extreme care by the artist.  The resulting impressions are crisp and vibrant.  She uses line for contour and stipple for texture; she sometimes hand colors.  The plants she depicts are generally ones she has known intimately for many years.  She seemingly composes her etchings effortlessly.  As viewers we are drawn close to leaves, berries, branches and buds from their most dramatic angles; while the surroundings are cropped in a way that suggests nature beyond the plate edge.  The delicacy and elegance of Bobbi Angell’s etchings is rare today.