Born and raised in the United States, Anna Jeretic has now resided in France for decades. In her studio on the outskirts of Paris, near the forest of Fontainebleau, Jeretic paints. Sometimes she does so with brushes on canvas, but far more often she uses the brayer on her copper plates. Her color intaglio prints, mostly sugar-lift aquatints are printed from a single plate. She uses different viscosities to combine two or more colors using a single matrix. The forest is her main source of inspiration, though the animal kingdom sometimes makes an appearance in the form of a soft-ground etching.
Anna Jeretic - Bough and Bird - blue and shimmering white silver branch - detail

Bough and Bird


Aquatint printed in simultaneous color printing on wove paper.One of 30 color variants; no two are alike.  This one printed in royal blue and silve...

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Anna Jeretic - Plate Tree Branches Calligraphies - color aquatint - tree forest Fontainebleau - detail

Plane Tree Branches Calligraphies


Sugar-lift aquatint printed in multiple colors on wove paper.Edition of 30 with color variants.Signed, annotated "3/30 VC" and dated "19" in pencil.

Anna Jeretic - Singes Araignees - 5of30 - color aquatint - celadon yellow - bright sun - detail

Spider Monkeys


Singes Araignées (original French title) Color aquatint printed in celadon-green and yellow on wove paper.From an edition of circa 30 color variant...

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Anna Jeretic - Icelandic Poney - windswept tail - criniere - detail

Icelandic Pony


Soft-ground etching and aquatint printed in black ink on wove paper.Edition of 30.Signed, titled, numbered, and dated "19" in pencil. 

Anna Jeretic - The Nave - red orange - sugarlift aquatint - detail

The Nave


Sugar-lift aquatint printed in red/orange on wove paper.Signed, numbered, and dated "17" in pencil.From an edition of 30 with color variants.