Based until recently in the Twin Cities, Anda Tanaka now lives and works in Boston.  In her prints geometric shapes dominate, while ink, colors and textures draw the viewer closer.  Tanaka concerns herself with bringing quiet, some order and a sense of balance in what she perceives to be a chaotic world.  While some shapes seem unsettled when focused on, overall compositional spaces do bring the viewer’s eye to rest.  Her esthetic is deeply rooted in a landscape tradition, which her predilection for abstraction cannot obscure.  In January of 2018 Tanaka’s work was featured in a solo show “Patience and Effort: Printmaking and the Prairie” in the Watkins Gallery at Winona State University, MN.

Anda Tanaka - Monotype 50 - monotype, colored pencil & pencil

Monotype 50


Monotype, colored pencil and graphite on gray wove paper.Unique.Signed and titled in pencil.