Siemen Dijkstra

Dutch, Den Helder 1968 Siemen Dijkstra is one of a number of young graphic artists in the Netherlands. He captures Dutch (mostly from his home province of Drenthe) and Danish landscapes in detailed color woodcuts. These realistic, colorful graphic prints...

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Grietje Postma

Dutch, born in Dronten, 1961 In 1984 Grieje Postma enrolls at the Academie Minerva in the town of Groningen, in the Northern tip of the country.  She has an eye on the painting curriculum, hoping to find her voice in...

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Michel Estèbe

Michel Estèbe was born in Talence, on the outskirts of Bordeaux. He studied at the École des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux and ran his own lithography studio in Bordeaux for a few years, before taking up his own printmaking in earnest.  His...

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