Water Meadow Morning


Color linocut reduction, printed on wove paper.
Edition of 12.
Signed, dated and numbered in pencil.

NOTE: The first image you see on this page is a detail of a larger work. To see the overall composition, please scroll to the other image(s).

Even as Laura Boswell introduces contrast in her composition, she never loses sight of her initial layers of color: that is, the lighter tones.  Water Meadow Morning is a showcase of this keen sense of delicacy balanced with accent colors.  In both the sky and in the forest in the distance, Boswell goes to great lengths to give each color its due.  In the sky, pinks and oranges are modulated to look like watercolor.  The hand of the artist has applied ink loosely, so as to afford chance to provide unexpected effects.  In the background forest, the carved lines are more defined, but the way one hue of green melds into the other is no less unpredictable.  Boswell controls her carving of the matrix with extreme care; then lets her hand spontaneously adapt each impression to the random movement of loose inking.  Thus each impression provides modulations even the artist can’t fully expect or control.  This contradiction, the fact that her full control of her technique results in a fluid style, is at the center of her art.  And the also artist makes sure she, and we, retain a controlled grasp of the composition.  She anchors each of her prints with accented elements, such as the tender green colored leaves dangling overhead in Water Meadow Morning, or with the dark green mass of the mature trees in the middle ground.  It must be said, that both soft tones and saturated hues delight the eye in this linocut.

15 3/4 x 23 5/8 inches