First Sun


Перше сонце (original Ukranian title)

Linocut printed on white wove paper.
Edition of 10.
Signed, titled in Ukrainian, numbered and annotated "linocut" in pencil.

First place award winner in II Celebración Impresa, Lima, Peru, August 2018.

We are always in awe of Olesya Dzhuraeva’s linocut prints. She is meticulous in a very specific way. She has found that using linoleum from old Soviet buildings in her native city of Kiev, Ukraine is the perfect medium. She works in black and white, which means that in order to create realistic compositions, she must rely on the line density she creates with her cutting tools. One of the reasons that we chose to focus on a detail of “First Sun” is that not only is the scene complex, but you can see the shadows playing off of the complicated urban scene while simultaneously appreciate her precise carvings to create this compositional illusion. New aspects of the print reveal themselves as you continue to stare at this small portion of the 20 x 30 inch work of art. You first see the old man looking back at the viewer, but it takes a moment to see the shadowy adult leading a child away down the sidewalk right next to him. You see the car and the intricate post of a lamp in the center of the image, but it takes a moment to see the window with the shadowy figure hunched over a desk behind venetian blinds just to the right. The longer we stare at Dzhuraeva’s work, the more we discover.

19 3/4 x 30 1/2 inches