Born in 1982 in the city of Dushanbe in what was then Soviet Tajikistan, Olesya Dzhuraeva (Олеся Джураєвa) moved to Ukraine in 1989.  She now lives and works in the capital, Kiev.  In her formative years, from 2004, she drew in pastel, etched and mixed collograph techniques.  She was then mostly in search of color juxtapositions.  After a few years Dzhuraeva found her personal predilection for the technique of linoleum cuts.  In linocut her talent at using line is revealed.  This linear work is what she now mostly practices to render the world that surrounds her and inhabits her.  Her home town makes regular appearances in her prints, as does life indoors.  A quiet, somewhat frozen atmosphere permeates her esthetic, in which she technically gravitates towards patterns.  Fog, dusk, darkness, humidity, wood, metal or clouds, all are elements of Olesya’s reality which she relishes breaking down into line, dot, crosshatching: into shades of black.

Olesya Dzhuraeva - Construction - linocut 2014



Будівництво (original Ukrainian title) Linocut printed on white wove paper.Edition of 10.Signed, titled in Ukrainian, numbered, dated and annotated...

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Olesya Dzhuraeva - Everything Changes - linocut 2018

Everything Changes


Linocut printed on white wove paper.Edition of 20.Signed, titled in English, numbered, dated and annotated "linocut" in pencil.